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(February 13, 2023 – Wink News – Paul Dolan) To ensure nobody spends Valentine’s Day alone, the Collier Senior Center in Golden Gate hosted Valentine’s bingo.

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, but not only romantic love.

WINK News spoke with Esther Lully, the Collier Senior Center director, about what they’re doing for the special day.

“Love, love, love, and it’s a day to just honor and just really highlight just the gift that we have to know people to love people. And again, remember the legacy and the impact we’re going to leave in people’s lives,” Lully said.

At the Collier Senior Center in Golden Gate, they’re celebrating Valentine’s week with activities, games, and free hot lunches. Lully explains the goal is to make everyone feel welcome and loved.

“They’re embraced, they’re welcome here regardless of their background, socioeconomic status, everyone is equal here in terms of the love and respect that they get,” Lully said.

Grace Gonzalez is a volunteer bingo announcer and frequent visitor to the senior center. She explained to WINK News, the benefits of coming to the center are numerous, but they start with community.

“I was lost until I found this center and I love it because you know we have made like a sisterhood,” Gonzalez said.

From sisters to strangers, Gonzalez said the center is a place that gives purpose, connection, and love.

“That’s what Valentine’s Day means to me. It’s with love, love for one another, be kind, that’s what it means,” Gonzalez said.